Capitalizing stories of change during the research process

A story of change is any intended or unintended change which happened either in the research results and/or during the research process. A story of change allows (i) to explore and demonstrate change, (ii) to track all small changes or steps towards impact, and (iii) to reflect and investigate factors that enable or constrain the change to occur.

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO-WOTRO) organised on the 1st November 2017 in Utrecht (The Netherlands), a workshop on stories of change. The workshop aimed to help researchers to capitalize the changes which occurred in the implementation of the projects funded by the Food & Business Applied Research Fund (ARF) and Global Challenges Programme (GCP).

ACED took part in the workshop and shared its experiences in the capitalization of stories of change. The workshop also allowed to exchange with other organisations and learn from their experiences to improve the approach of ACED on stories of change capitalization in particular and knowledge management in general.

As a follow up of the workshop, ACED developed a story of change which occurred in the project “Enhancing urban food security through development of allotment gardens in and around the cities of Benin”. This story is related to ACED’s knowledge co-creation approach which is developed within the project.

You can download the story of change here